To realize maximum operational benefits for your business, we recommend involving us early in your Business Strategy and Technology Roadmap discussions.

Strategy Consulting

The advanced software and technology tools we use today are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges —challenges that you need to stay two steps ahead of.

Your business depends on a framework for guiding the mobilization of your organization in alignment with your strategic plan. With the burden of constant regulatory changes and unexpected IT activities, your roadmap is quickly rendered obsolete. Enter Balboa Bay Partners, with the expertise to not only help you define your business objectives but guide you through the execution. We understand the importance of communicating your vision clearly, identifying your organizational strengths and challenges, defining your strategic goals, and measuring your success.

If you’re an executive looking for answers to the following, BBP is the right partner for you.

  • How do our business processes compare to current best practices in the industry?
  • What is the value in improving our business processes?
  • How do we transition from an AS-IS to a TO-BE strategic vision?
  • How do we measure progress with a few key metrics?
  • Does my IT strategy align to the business priorities?
  • What are the best IT solutions to achieve the TO-BE strategic vision?

Strategic Roadmaps

What kind of utility will be in the future, and do we have a technology plan to get there? What initiatives will comprise our application and infrastructure portfolio to enable and optimize our business processes? How do we transition from the current state to the future state?

It takes significant effort in today’s utility and energy space to step back and look at the big picture: the operational focus and “keep the lights on” culture detracts from the need to have a feasible technology plan to support the core business and new initiatives that are on the landscape.

Let us partner with you to develop that 3-5 year Strategic Roadmap. We can analyze your application portfolio and the supporting infrastructure in totality, limit our focus to a set of mission-critical applications, or simply target one specific area. Our dedication to your success is not limited by the scope of our engagement.

Business Cases

Utilities and municipalities are capital-intensive and asset-heavy businesses. Investment in technology to support new or changing business requirements often requires justification to the Board of Directors, the Executive Team, and/or outside regulatory entities. We want to make sure that you get the maximum benefits from your technology investments. With our industry experience, vendor and solution knowledge, and implementation expertise, BBP will help you by developing the requisite value analysis and business case.

Our deep industry expertise enables us to ask the right questions, conduct detailed analysis including a Return on Investment (ROI), create supporting documents, and work with clients to craft an effective Business Case.

Application Rationalization

Whether you have followed a best of breed approach or a vendor-specific strategy toward your choice of applications, it is inevitable that over time the IT organization will have a significant number of applications to support – some custom developed, some chosen by “shadow IT” in the business units, and some that needed to brought into the mix because they solved a unique business problem that enterprise applications could not meet.

Engaging in a periodic application rationalization exercise will identify candidate applications that can be retired, replaced, or “brought in” to one of the major, mission-critical applications. Simplifying and consolidating applications can bring many benefits: reduced support requirements, lower infrastructure costs, and better alignment of business and IT.

We follow a simple, three-phased approach:

Cloud Migration Strategy

All the major application vendors are encouraging their customers to migrate, or as they like to frame it, “lift and shift” their application portfolio to the cloud platform with a subscription-based licensing model. This over-simplification and the change in monetization model conceals new challenges and risks to your business. Not all applications are created equal, and some are simply not well-suited to be moved to a cloud-based architecture.

Current and future cost implications need to be factored, including an ROI analysis of software licensing between the on premise and cloud versions of each application being considered. For the applications you are considering moving to the cloud, partner with BBP in developing a sound, cost-effective, and low-risk Cloud Migration Strategy that will investigate various cloud options.

Cloud Migration Strategy:

  • Full Cloud vs. Hybrid Approach
  • Platform Scalability, Flexibility, and Security Considerations
  • Application Evaluation and Suitability Analysis
  • IaaS \ PaaS \ SaaS
  • Financial Analysis