What truly sets us apart from the competition is our ability to serve not just as Business Consultants but also as technical experts to help our clients reach their strategic goals.

Implement Technology Solutions

While each of our consultants has worked on a plethora of technologies during their careers, we understand the importance of not resting on our laurels. Technology is constantly changing and we pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest technology – so our clients don’t have to. 

Tools / Accelerators

Why start from scratch on a project if something similar has been implemented elsewhere? Shouldn’t there be some efficiencies gained by clients when they hire a consulting firm? 

We asked ourselves the same questions and decided that as part of our value proposition to our clients, we needed to invest in project tools and accelerators that would reduce project risk, lead to shorter timelines and lower project costs. 

Our Accelerators range from project tools to help with data conversion and migration to automated tools for testing and quality assurance on projects. In addition to this, our legacy Lodestar convertor tools can help customers who are using Oracle Lodestar products to move to a newer technology.

Implementations and Tech Upgrades


From utility rate comparison tools to billing for electric vehicle charging, our implementation expertise is packaged into solutions offered only by Balboa Bay Partners. 

Our team has built electric grid solutions from pricing to billing to settlements and is able to offer clients technical solutions to their unique business problems.


As anyone who has ever been on a Customer Information System (CIS) project will tell you – it is an extremely daunting task. Regardless of the software vendor you select, there are multiple hurdles along the way.

Our consultants have experience working with a myriad of technologies ranging from Legacy to SAP to Oracle to Lodestar. Whether it’s a C&I Billing solution built on Lodestar/Oracle technology or a new Utility Billing solution on SAP-ISU, Balboa Bay Partners has the expertise to guide you every step of the way. We understand the complexity of integrating with your legacy systems, modifying and cleansing legacy data for your new Billing solution, integrating with new systems, configuring your core billing solution…across the spectrum of tasks required for a successful implementation.


From France to Ontario to California, no one understands Market Settlements like we do. Our consultants have built settlement systems for a number of market operators, solutions that are being used more than 10 years after go-live!

We understand that every ISO is different, and have built tailored solutions across the globe. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two…and dare we say it, we consider our consultants the most knowledgeable in the world, something we are very proud of.

If you’re looking for a new Settlement solution, or looking to enhance your existing solution to cope with upcoming market changes, you know where to find the expertise you’re looking for!


From mature electric utilities that are looking to realize the return on their investment in AMI and Smart Meters to water utilities about to embark on their Smart Meter journey, Balboa Bay Partners consultants have been working with smart meter data before it became a household word!

Some of our consultants began their careers when large C&I customers were the only ones with smart meters. They then transitioned this knowledge to begin assisting electric utilities with their smart meter rollouts. As clients began to understand the need for new technological solutions such as Meter Data Management Systems, we were there to help guide them – to ensure that the Meter to Cash process would continue to work as expected and to start putting in place solutions that could deliver upon the promise of actionable intelligence from the data collected.

Today we consider ourselves second to none in our knowledge of AMI and Meter Data Management systems. Whatever the technology, from eMeter to Oracle MDM, we have the business and technical expertise to help you realize your AMI vision.

Technology Audits / Assessments

Whether you are looking to optimize investments you have already made or maybe just looking at options to enable your organizational technology, having a partner that understands how your business operates is critical.

Should you look to upgrade your systems? If so, what are the best products in the market? Do they really integrate as easily as the software vendors say they do? What about Cloud offerings? Should you pick on-premise, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS or some other 4 letter acronym? Are these offerings truly mature – how do you get past the sales pitch to the reality of it?

These challenges are real. And guess what – you’re not the only one facing them. So why not leverage what others in the industry are doing to help you make your decisions?

Lean upon a true partner to guide you there. One that only has your interests in mind – not those of the software vendors or implementors.