Balboa Bay Partners is an employee-owned firm that believes client success and employee satisfaction go hand in hand.

So what makes our firm unique? 

We consider 4 main behavioral traits that we look for and groom in a Balboa Bay Partners employee. These 4 pillars constitute our DNA and make us who we are – they represent our core values and transcend our Company Values and Customer Values – ensuring that as we grow, our customer values are always in sync with our internal Company Values. 


We always ensure that we have the end goal in mind and don’t let small issues derail us. We are nimble, flexible and always drive towards solutions.


We are up front and open with our clients and always focus on our value proposition. We are a partner with our clients in their journey, looking for upcoming hurdles and alleviating our client’s pain points to anticipate their individual needs. 


We always remain positive when facing adversity and strive to ensure that every client project will be successful. A positive outcome for Balboa Bay Partners is defined by every client/every project being a success! 


We treat everyone with respect and focus on long term relationships. We truly understand our clients and focus on building upon our strengths. If we’re not the right ones for the job, we let our clients know. When our clients win, we win!

We are business subject matter experts

Balboa Bay Partners prides itself as a premier provider of Business Consulting Services. We have been at the forefront of enabling utilities adapt to new business process and IT system changes. Whether you are a Utility embarking on your first Direct Access (DA) or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), or preparing for your next General Rate Case, we understand the challenges you face across your Business and Technology infrastructure.

We will ensure that your end-to-end business processes are well-defined and modifications to your existing processes are identified, documented, and executed. We will coordinate changes with your IT organization, conduct user testing, change management, and more, serving as subject matter experts throughout the transformation.

Our History

We are always looking to the future. Not to the past. That said, we are a sentimental bunch so here’s some history on Balboa Bay Partners.

  • BALBOA – the street/exit in San Diego that gave us our beginning.
  • BAY – our roots are in Southern California: palm trees, beaches, ocean, boats – you get the drift.
  • PARTNERS – we are an employee-owned company where everyone is a partner in our success.

Charitable Contributions

At Balboa Bay Partners we believe in giving back to our local community that has supported us from our inception. We pledge to contribute  at least 1% of our revenue each year to local charitable causes. As a Balboa Bay Partners client, your support for us is instrumental in our ability to meet this pledge, and as a Balboa Bay Partners employee, your hard work resulting in the company’s continued growth, allows us to maintain this promise.