Providing Business Consulting + Technology Enablement to the Utility Industry.

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At Balboa Bay Partners, we believe in creating value, mitigating risks to your business, and transforming Business and Technology operations to drive success.

Software and Consulting Solutions for all things Energy.

Headquartered in Southern California, Balboa Bay Partners (BBP) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) representing Energy clients on and between coasts. We specialize in everything Energy, from the seed of an idea to the final product.

Whether you’re a Utility, an Electric Vehicle Owner, a Charging Station Operator, or just passionate about Energy, we hope to make a difference in your life. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our Offerings


Our value proposition for our clients begins at the earliest stages in the Project Lifecycle, when a client need is first identified. We work with our Business and IT clients to understand their vision and assist them with clearly articulating this for a broader audience using an array of tools:

  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Business Cases
  • Application Rationalization
  • Cloud Migration Strategy


Even the best vision will only get you so far if you don’t understand how your vision will impact your customers, your staff, and your stakeholders. Balboa Bay recommends that prior to executing successfully on your vision or strategy, a number of activities are carried out to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals. 

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Requirements Analysis
  • SME Engagement
  • Organizational Change Management


Balboa Bay Partners believes that for our clients to successfully execute upon their vision, our services must be complemented with technologies that can be leveraged to lower risk, reduce costs, and accelerate execution time.

  • Tools/Accelerators
  • Tech Upgrades
  • Implementations
  • QA Services
  • Tech Audits/Assessments


A true partner ensures that the clients’ business objectives are met by continuing to provide support post go-live. Each client has unique needs and our goal is to ensure that our partnership continues to deliver upon your vision.

  • Application Support
  • Post Go Live Maintenance

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Our Business and Technology staff have been working in the Energy industry for over two decades.

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