Every client has unique ongoing support needs, from 24/7 support to a few planned hours a month – let us find the efficiency of scale to offer you a cost effective solution.

Ongoing Analysis & Maintenance

The key to success in achieving Operational Excellence starts with the right definition, one that everyone, at all levels of the operation, can understand and know how to achieve. That way, each employee will see that continuous improvement efforts are not about eliminating waste or lowering cost, that the end goal is to have operations be a key player in delivering business growth.

As you transition to new technologies, Balboa Bay Partners will support your existing systems so your employees can focus their efforts on the new solutions. And when you transition, we’ll be there to guide you through the process… because that’s what a true partner does.

Streamline your business processes, make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction all while achieving operational savings—with Balboa Bay Partners.

Application Support

Balboa Bay understands that in a dynamic environment, defining and meeting your operational goals is a challenge, and is ready to step in and help. As organizations undergo technology changes, you may be faced with one of many challenging scenarios:

  •  You have skilled resources who are getting pulled into other projects to ensure the success of new solutions, leaving a void in current operations
  • You are under cost pressures to reduce your O&M budget
  • Highly skilled employees are retiring and you may not be able to find a suitable replacement in time

Balboa Bay Partners has a successful track record of supplementing client business operations teams with skilled resources who are able to take over operational support across a myriad of Business and IT functions. What makes us unique is our team model – providing coverage with multiple resources so that a client is covered 24/7/365. Reduce the risk to your operations by reducing dependency on single resources – call upon the Balboa Bay Partners’ Application Support Team.

Post Go-Live Maintenance

As firms implement new technologies, they often find that maintenance of their new applications is significantly more complex than originally envisioned. While the client teams train and come up to speed on supporting these applications, there is a void that Balboa Bay Partners can help fill. From Post Go Live Maintenance of a few months to ongoing Operational Maintenance and Support, our approach is to utilize project resources to fill this gap. Our team members have typically been on the project implementation team themselves, in client side roles, which allows them to seamlessly move into a Maintenance and Support role.