The key to success in achieving Operational Excellence starts with the right definition, one that everyone, at all levels of the operation, can understand and know how to achieve.

Customer & Organization Planning

Operationalizing the Business Strategy and Technology Roadmap isn’t done solely by executive order: it requires organizational buy-in to be successful. No one understands that better than BBP. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand people, their motivations, and how to use that information to drive change in your organization, thus ensuring each and every individual feels instrumental in realizing your objectives.

Customer Journey

The keenest vision will only get you so far toward success if you haven’t clearly understood how your customers will be impacted by your vision. A Customer Journey is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It tells the story of a customer’s experience with your brand from original engagement through a long-term relationship. BBP’s experience in charting a client’s Customer Journey across a myriad of projects builds upon our in-depth utility operational experience and ensures that you get an actionable plan you can successfully execute.

Requirement Analysis

As simple as it sounds, many large implementations fail because of the lack of clarity and detail in the requirements gathering phase of the project. Requirements Analysis is composed of asking the right questions of the right people, documenting requirements with the right level of detail, ensuring the business stakeholders understand the gravity of committing to requirements, and so much more. These are all complex tasks that many utilities do not devote enough time and detail to. Utilizing unqualified resources or fast-tracking the requirements process may seem to be a cost-effective method, but in the long run may lead to project timeline and cost overruns, missed scope/requirements, and possible project failure.

Balboa Bay Partners specializes in Requirements Analysis – our team of Business Analysts knows how to drive requirements sessions, document requirements, work with business and IT stakeholders to ensure the requirements cover the approved Business Case, get sign-off on requirements, and provide guidance to the development team as they embark on the build phase of the project. Let BBP ensure this integral part of project management is executed to the highest standard and ensure your project is a success.

SME Engagement

In a dynamic environment, utilities are always dealing with numerous staffing challenges. With an aging workforce, as employees retire, staffing daily operations can be challenging enough. Add a couple of compliance or regulatory projects that require operational knowledge, and the staffing shortage takes on a different complexity.

Balboa Bay Partners experience in utility operations allows us to provide experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to our clients to ensure that this gap is addressed quickly with knowledgable resources. Working closely with your project teams, we seamlessly become a part of your organization, ensuring that your Operations and Projects continue towards the path to success. 

Organizational Change Management

Our idea of Organizational Change Management (OCM) is not death by PowerPoint and acronyms. We’ve all been through some form of OCM in our careers, typically suffering the same slide deck being reused again and again. The generic information fails to resonate with your specific business needs.

Our approach to OCM is different: with our value proposition at the forefront of all our offerings, we believe that OCM can only truly be successful if we get in the weeds and understand our customer’s business. Unless we really comprehend the challenges facing each employee or team, we cannot offer impactful Change Management guidance.

Coupled with our BSA’s and SME’s, our OCM consultants are able to leverage the operational knowledge of our utility clients to custom build an OCM plan that meets your individual needs.